When a single flush toilet consumes 9 liters of water. How to save water on the meter?

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There is a shortage of clean drinking water in the world, so water saving is a strategic task of our state. According to world experience, the instrumentation helps the population to save water.

Did you know that:

every time you flush the toilet, you use 8-10 liters of clean water;
every time you fill the bath, you consume 150-200 liters of clean water;
taking a shower for 5 minutes, you consume 100 liters of clean water;
from the uncovered crane per hour translates to about 1 000 litres of water, and 10 minutes – 150;
from the leaking tap or drain tank a day flows about 250 liters of water.

The state enterprise "Astana su Arnasy" as a subject of natural monopolies provides services for water supply and sanitation in Astana, as well as conducts instrumentation.

No. 1. What is instrumentation and why is it needed?
Kazakhstan has a Law "on natural monopolies", according to which the consumer of water supply services is obliged to install metering devices for regulated utilities. The same is stated in the standard contract for the provision of water services.

In addition, by purchasing and installing water meters, you comply with the law and ethical standards of the state in which you live, save your budget, get rid of problems associated with recalculations, and also save irreplaceable water resources.

No. 2. How to enter into a contract to receive service of "Astana su Arnasy" in Astana?
You need to collect a package of documents, which includes:

Copy of identity card.
A copy of the contract of sale of the apartment, privatization, lease or act of acceptance, transfer and any other title document.
Availability of metering devices.
For a private house you need all the same, but only if there are conditions for connection to the water supply and sanitation networks.

No. 3. How to install water meter?
For the convenience of private sector consumers, Astana su Arnasy purchases and installs water metering devices on a contractual basis. The consumer pays for it.

No. 4. How to register a water meter?
Registration of water meters is carried out in accordance with the technical requirements of the Water code of Kazakhstan. To apply for the registration of PU, please call: +7 (7172) 37-50-52, +7 (7172) 37-50-75, +7 (7172) 57-54-91, +7 (7172) 57-54-92.

And you can call the call-center by phone: +7 (7172) 270-370, 1302 or contact the cashier of settlement and subscriber sites"Astana su Arnasy".

no.5 How to transfer indications of devices of accounting of water?
There are several types of readings from the meters:

Remote, visual (phase controller).
Through the call center from the 10th to the 30th of each month by phone +7 (7172) 270-370, 1302.
Through the website "Astana su Arnasy" – ahhh!
And also through cash desks of settlement and subscriber sites "Astana su Arnasy".

No. 6. How can I pay for the consumed water?
For the convenience of consumers, payment for energy consumption can also be made in various ways:

in cash desks of settlement and subscriber sites of "Astana su Arnasy" state enterprise";
level 2 banks ' cash desks;
online banking;
through payment terminals.

No. 7. How to save water on the meter?
Close hot and cold water taps while washing dishes and brushing teeth.
To replace the cranes economical, easy-to-off hoist of the mixer lever upwards.
Use high-quality sprayers on mixers and shower units, it allows you to comfortably use water at half the flow rate.
Use a shower more often than a bath. Taking a shower for 5 minutes, you spend up to 100 liters, and filling the bath - up to 200 liters.
To install toilets in the economy class with a minimum capacity of a tank.