Unpleasant smell in Astana. What is happening and how to deal with it?

Unpleasant smell in Astana. What is happening and how to deal with it?

Неприятный запах в Астане. Что происходит и как с этим быть? -

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Astana residents are dissatisfied with the sharp smell of sewage in some areas of the city.

We addressed the topical issue of unpleasant smell in some areas of the capital to the specialists of the state enterprise “Astana su Arnasy”. This is the only municipal enterprise that is engaged in water supply and sanitation in Astana.

There are about 2,000 private houses in Astana, which are not connected to the city sewage system. They need a special septic system service vehicles. There are about 220 such in the capital.

According to employees of” Astana su Arnasy", every day entrepreneurs pumped out of the city septic tanks tons of sewage, and many of them then drain the waste directly into the city wells. As a result, due to the rapid decomposition of organic waste in the city there is a sharp odor. Residents in areas near places where entrepreneurs dump waste into wells complain to "Astana su Arnasy" about constant headaches and inability to sleep.

In the video provided by the specialists of sue "ACE", is seen as the driver of one of cars septic system drains waste directly into the city well.

Meanwhile, it is important to know that in Kazakhstan there are clear sanitary and epidemiological norms of sewage discharge for the maintenance of houses not connected to the Central Sewerage.
Under those rules, drivers of cesspool cleaning machines are required to export waste to special points of the drain of sewage. Pumped contents of septic tanks before you get in the citywide drainage system, should be directed to specialized wastewater treatment facilities, where he will undergo a complex process of mechanical and biological treatment up to the established standards of level.

In total, there are five landfills in the capital:

Saryarka district, residential area "Koktal-1", near the equestrian club"Tulpar".
Saryarka district, p. Automatics, KNS district №28.
Almaty region, p. Industrial area sewage pumping station # 22.
Yesil district, Korgalzhyn highway, district LLP "Asia concrete."
Yesil district, which Chubar, St. zheke Batyr 18.
The approximate cost of sewage discharge is from 700 to 2 200 tenge. Operators at these landfills work around the clock, and cashiers who accept payment from 9 am to 7 PM (from an hour to two they have lunch).

Since the refusal to comply with sanitary and epidemiological rules and norms can cause serious damage to the environmental situation in Astana, violations of sanitary and epidemiological norms are subject to fines. According to the representatives of "ASA", the offender was fined in the amount of 72 150 tenge (30 MCI) according to article 505 Of the code of administrative offences.

In General, the amount of fines for draining outside special landfills ranges from 48 100 to 240 000 Tg:

- for individuals 48 100 tenge (20 MCI);

- for small businesses or non-profit organizations 72 150 tenge (30 MCI);

- for medium-sized businesses 96 200 tenge (40 MCI);

- for large businesses 240 500 (100 MCI).

According to the information of the environmental police unit of the local police service of Astana DIA, as a result of the measures taken to control the sanitary condition of the city by the territorial divisions of the environmental police since the beginning of 2018 for violation of the "rules of improvement of the territory of Astana", approved by the decision of the maslikhat of Astana, No. 166/21-VI dated July 20, 2017 under article 505 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative offenses,229 drivers were brought to administrative responsibility for the discharge of sewage in an unspecified place; fines in the amount of 5 605 725 tenge were imposed.