ATTENTION CONTEST!!! "The best design of cabinets"

                                               ANNEX 2


Position (English)

about competition for the best design of offices


The competition for the best new year's decoration of offices and premises of structural units, announced from 19 to 21 December 2018. 

Competition dates:

* submission of applications - until 15 December 2018;

* review of the competitive display of offices - from December 19, 2018;

1.      Aims and objectives of the competition

The purpose of the competition is to create a festive new year's aesthetic environment in the offices and other work areas.


2.      The order of the competition

1. The jury evaluates the compliance of the design with the stated requirements and makes a decision.

2. The results of the contest will be announced on December 27, 2018 at the Gala concert (based on the results of the contest show).

3.      Requirements for participants

- thematic focus of new year greetings

- creation of compositions (it is allowed to decorate with candles without using fire);

- decoration with electric garlands;

- congratulations in verse form;

- design of wall Newspapers, posters, original performance;

- window stained glass window decoration with flashing garlands and Christmas paraphernalia. 

4.      Evaluation and summarizing the results of the competition

Evaluation of the results of the competition is carried out on a ten-point system.

5.      Winner of competition

As a result of the competition, three prizes will be awarded.

6.      Jury of competition

The jury is approved by a joint resolution of the General Director and the trade Union Committee of the state enterprise "Astana su Arnasy".