Without labor veterans, the holiday is not a holiday

Without labor veterans, the holiday is not a holiday

Без ветеранов труда праздник не праздник -
On the independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the state enterprise "Astana su Arnasy" there was a meeting of labor veterans with current managers and specialists.

now many industries are implementing the program "Gray heads", when professionals who have retired, are invited as consultants, independent arbitrators. And in the state enterprise "Astana su Arnasy" has always maintained a tradition not to forget the origins. Veterans, pensioners who previously worked at the enterprise, the management always invites to celebrate significant dates of the country, corporate holidays. Former managers, specialists-the soul and conscience of the team – are forced to keep a high level of professionalism and sincerely rejoice in the new heights. Of course, the advice and tips of wise people are invaluable.

Here in such a wonderful holiday – the independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan General Director of "Astana su Arnasy" Tabigat Seinelgabdin organized a meeting with veterans. Cheerful, energetic, smart pensioners are always aware of the main events of the native enterprise, especially the leaders of previous years: Vasily Teterkin-Ph. D., headed "Gorvodokanal" in 1983-1999, Zhanbyrshy Nurkenov – Ph. D., Professor KazATU them. Seifullin, the General Director of the SCE "Astana su Arnasy" in the 1999-2010, Lazzat Sainova – Deputy Director General for economic and social Affairs, in 1999 - 2010, Kalimti Kazybaev – Deputy Director General for energy in 2001-2010, Anatoliy Yurchuk – the head of the Union in the years 1975-2011, Stepan Isakin – the head of the sewer in. 1982-2015, Nikolay Ermolenko head of the Astana water intake in 1970-2012., Ibrahim Alimbaev – Chairman of the veterans Council.

In honor of the independence Day, a festive table was laid, warm congratulations from the company's management were addressed to the veterans of the enterprise. The head of the city Council of veterans, in the recent past, the Deputy Governor of the city, according to sansyzbai Yessilov, knowledgeable and communal problems, and veterans, found warm words addressed to those present, remembered and colleagues who are no longer around. There was also a surprise-a video in which against the background of the anthem "Astana su Arnasy" replaced each other shots from the history of the enterprise, familiar faces, special events. It is a good tradition to honor the origins.