Golden Fund "Astana su arnasy"

Gold Fund "Astana su Arnasy"

Золотой фонд "Астана су арнасы" -

The company successfully, when the connection of times is not interrupted, the team respect veterans and help young professionals.

In the state enterprise "Astana su Arnasy" staff cherish and nurture, stimulate, encourage. And cheerful pensioners with melancholy think of how to get used to have a rest and with pleasure tell how everything began.

I am grateful to fate

Vladimir Nikolaevich Samodurov,

driver, mechanic, service, energy,

experience in ASA 39 years.

It started by accident. I, a young guy from Altai Krai, came just to see Tselinograd. I liked the city and decided to stay. I went to get a job, I go down the street, I see – gate is open, cars stand, it is written "Gorvodokanal". I came to ask, and I stayed. I was not afraid of work, I knew the technique. Father is a tractor driver, was taught everything he knew to, that's handy. In fact, I carry an emergency with a locksmith worked. Your GAZ-3307 and other machines knew, repaired itself, it is necessary that always was on the move, and you never know – suddenly the challenge. Accidents happen at any time-night and day, weekdays and holidays.

Loved when he sent to training – and I wonder, and proficiency was raised, and four children to feed. Sometimes the family raised the issue of moving to another job, but I did not want to hear. The team is good, I liked the work. Then got an apartment, first in 1986 and the extension in 1991. In the restructuring of us well again: a lot of clients, to barter different goods were.

For all the time which only accidents were not eliminated. Somehow on the seventh pump station it was necessary to change a latch at night. The whole area of the city without water could remain. The work was difficult, but we were in a hurry and managed to do everything by morning. Yes, not really remembered that when I was doing, was just doing his job and all. I am grateful to fate for such a life path, I was lucky.

Recently, the work has become more pleasant-new equipment has appeared. Pumps have become more powerful, but less bulky, much easier to maintain. With good accident prevention has become much less. I do not even want to retire, it will be difficult to get rid of the hectic work. We'll have to learn to rest now.

A technical mind

Gauhar Rahimbekova Sagynbaeva,

dispatcher in the central dispatching service,

work experience in ASA 40 years

In 1978, after school, I came from Zhaksyn district to enter the Institute, chose the faculty Of civil engineering, TGV. But in the daily training went into the evening. I go around the city, looking for an apartment, I think where to work, and then I see a modest shield, which says that the trust "Gorvodokanal" requires workers.

My friends and I went, with difficulty overcame the endless dirt near the entrance. I then got a dishwasher for cleaning. Then she became a laboratory assistant, and at the end of the Institute moved to the trust master on the site of the pumping stations. First replaced several times Manager, and then moved to a permanent job.

Then it was all together – and water, and Sewerage. I had to answer calls from the public and give orders to the authorities. Worked with supervisors, which passed on the information about accidents, shutdowns, exposed maintenance crews. We need to navigate the city, know the location of houses, streets, areas, what kind of a team to send to the scene of the accident. Manager thronged around the trust, which had to handle and apply in the morning on the table management.

I was on duty on the night of Mikhail Gorbachev's arrival in Astana, coordinated the delivery of drinking water to the airport. Then sealed the water cart was personally accompanied by the head of the city SES, first Secretary of the Tselinograd oblast Committee Nicholas E. Morozov called, asked about the situation. Yes, actually, a former Tselinograd city management controllers of the main services knew the names of. Being a dispatcher-it is necessary to have a special character warehouse, good technical training with practical experience. Then decisions are made quickly and correctly. But this is not enough, you need something else, some spark. In my hometown of "Astana su Arnasy" to people traditionally have a special relationship. It is appreciated by professionals, so it is easy to work, people work for decades.

Security as the key to life

Boranbay Tleubaeva Myrzabaev,

machinist, sewage treatment plant,

work experience in ASA 36 years 

After school, technical school of transport construction began working as a plumber in the trust "Kazakhstanets". I worked there in the workshops for 7 years and decided to go to the NFS, and then turned to the treatment. Then it was a small company – 40 people working, but we had the production and capture of methane. At that time, such equipment was only in Kiev, and we went from all over the Union for experience.

I worked in the boiler room. It was a high-risk area where accuracy and attention were required. We constantly drove our mentor Semenov Evgeny, brought to automatism our actions. His lessons saved me more than once, and I saved him once. Once the gas tank ignited, flew into the air and flew at us. As I reacted and managed to drag away from a dangerous place Evgeny Vasilyevich, I don't know. Saved by the bell.

Then in the 90's methane production was curtailed, and in General everything around cracked at the seams. Survived thanks to cohesion of collective. And there on clearing a special place-the lake, fishing. We say, who comes to us in Bashan, or farther up you go, or stay there. Today, after the reconstruction, it has become easier to work, the equipment is serious. Maybe our salaries are not the highest in the city, but we have a good attitude towards people. Good dining room, gym, transportation, pass days of the enterprise, award the best.

It's nice when you fix the accident. 

Vladimir Nikolaevich Igishev,

excavator operator, chief mechanic service

work experience in ASA 31 years

I came to Tselinograd from the city of Ishim in the Tyumen region. Had the specialty of the tractor operator, so brush up a little bit and went on BBC in trust "Tyazhstroy". He started with small tractors "Belarus" with a bucket, but really wanted to learn new technology, to grow. And in "Astana su Arnasy" came immediately to the big excavator "Kyiv-4321" with a bucket of 0.8 cubic meters. Here that liked the technique seriously.

It's the emergency service. You can't leave people without water. We can be picked up at any time of the day or night. But when you fix the accident, it's nice to see the results. Yes and the boss appreciates it, knows who can handle it. We have a good team now, all work well, and I'm just longer than the others, more experience. Therefore, I work at responsible facilities.

To work well, you have to love your profession, respect your work. In our business, too, talent is needed. Not everyone can dig any pipe so that the shovels have nothing to correct. All sorts of tricks, like matchboxes bucket close, it's pampering. The work of the skills show. Pipes here from fiberglass should be carefully dug around, they are fragile, can be damaged.

When in the 90th and then different enterprises began to open, I was lured there, salaries big promised. But I didn't want, got used in "Gorvodokanal" – the stable organization. My son also worked here, but then the accident turned everything upside down. I rest at home, but I do not want to work more calmly, I can not already calmly, I have been working as an excavator operator for 39 years. For my work I have four awards from"Astana su Arnasy".

Energy as heart

Yuri Viktorovich Vasiliev,

chief power engineer, NFS,

work experience in ASA 42 years

After the end of electroface in TAI worked at the ironworks, but would like an interesting job. Offered to go to the NFS energy. Since 1976 he started working. Came to the NSF, all of it was interesting, automation everywhere: filters in automatic mode, washed the pumps in automatic mode rocked. Yet all considered, prorabotala, then restructuring, 90, salary gave goods, products, but we have somehow been better than other industries. And the collective was special: bad people didn't get accustomed, them squeezed out.

Then they built the new filter plant of 100 thousand cubic meters per day by the Japanese project. But last year we completed the reconstruction of the old station. Everything has completely changed: network, water pipelines, cables, pumping units, oil circuit breakers were replaced by vacuum. New pumps with frequency converters have become more economical and more powerful.

During the reconstruction, there were dangerous cases, but we were able to react quickly. Turkish builders damaged the aquifer network, opened the water, but did not close the valve. Water immediately rushed into the pump room, it could flood in 5 minutes. We immediately understood what was going on, where the problem is. Our locksmiths dived into the well, closed the valve there, then pumped out the water. Of course, all was for 40 years. A small mistake is enough to leave the city without water. But saved the professionalism of our employees and my intuition.

For this in ASA people encourage. There is a Board of honor, which is updated once a year, give certificates, corporate insignia, I was awarded the title - "Honorary worker of ASA", such for all the time of the company only 50 people. I can not retire – I pass the experience to the successor. Now run the shop wet sediment, which will provide a huge water savings. Going to the cottage to prepare.